In 1950, Beheshtian Shoes Company was founded by Mr. Sayed Hossein Hosseini Beheshtian. At that time, Iran was in the early stages of industrial development and there were only a few factories that produced products such as cement, sugar, steel and textiles.

Thanks to his many years of experience and using the skills of experienced craftsmen, Mr. Beheshtian started producing new leather products such as men's and women's hand-made shoes and leather sandals.



In 1999, Mr. Sayed Mahdi Hosseini Beheshtian took over the management with new and quality-oriented ideas. With the help of forty-years of experience of the father (Mr. Sayed Hossein Hosseini Beheshtian) and the new system of the son, Beheshtian Shoes Company took a step towards new horizons.

The use of world-class advanced machinery for shoe production and relying on modern science has enabled Beheshtian Shoes to continue its activity in the last 6 decades despite the problems and ups and downs that this industry has faced.

Today, the story of Beheshtian Shoes Company continues with more than 150 employees and 15 shopping stores in the heart of Isfahan and Tehran cities. In addition to store sales, a major part of this company's activity is dedicated to the production of safety and industrial shoes; in such a way that it is considered as one of the most prominent suppliers of safety shoes for industries such as oil, gas, power plants, mines, etc.

As Beheshtian Shoes Company, we are proud of ourselves as a living, passionate and active family which is considered to be of the best in Iran.